Tv Shows and Movies are using same directory

Hi Guys.

I just updated from Jarvis to Krypton and am having a few problems.

On my HD I have a MOVIES and TV SHOWS folder (As most users do)
But when I click on MOVIES on the OSCM interface it seems to have pulled in movies and tv shows into one folder.

And when I click on TV SHOWS on the OSCM home tab it takes me directly into the movies folder.

I cant seem to separate TV SHOWS from MOVIES even though they are in 2 different folders on my HD

Please help.
Best regards

Have you by mistake added them in the library twice?

Not that I know of. Is there a way to remove all directory’s and try add them again?

Press “C”, “Manage”, "Remove from Library

I am embarrassed. I dont know where to find “manage” and I tried all the keys on the keyboard but can find the manage or remove icon. Sorry I am very new to OSMC

“Manage” is a menu option that appears when you press “C” on a library item
Suggest to read up on this

Ok I read that and I see how they doing it and it makes sense.

My OSMC is adding “VIDEO” and taking all the TV SHOWS/MOVIES and putting it into one.

Is there a way to specie that TV SHOWS links to my TV SHOWS folder?

You must have made something wrong (or not getting the concept). In file mode all files/directories will be shown in all sections. When you add folders to yur Library in the moment you add the folder you will determine if the folder contains Movies or TV Shows and then they will be added in the respective section