TV Shows one be scanned correctly

I have a problem with scanning one of my TV Shows into my library. I have two OSMC Multimediacenters running in my house and the scanning is working fine on the one of the multimediacenters.

On the other one it is only scanning 8 episodes and leaving the others. It works smoothly on number one multimediacenter… What could cause this problem? I have renamed the files like this:

/Series/Danish Dynamite/Danish Dynamite S0E0

Where asterisk is 1, 2, 3 etc… :smiley:

Also weird it is working on one of the setups and not on the other one…

It is on Raspberry Pis.

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Different scrapers? Hard to tell without logs…

Which logs do you need? Should I try scan for the TV Shows and then use the grab log something command? Or what would be the best for you to diagnose my issue?

Go to settings- system- logging and enable debug logging, restat the device twice in a row. Reproduce the problem, update the log via my osmc and post the link you will see on screen here

On the system that works go to the “videos” section from the main menu and then go to “files” then to that “Danish Dynamite” share and context menu, then “change content”. Take note of what information provider it is set to use, then hit “cancel” to back out without changing anything.

Now go to the machine that is not scraping as you expect and do the same thing to see if it is using the same scraper. If different then change it to the same as the first and hit “OK” and choose “yes” to rescraping the contents. If the scraper is already the same then back out of all of that and go out of all of that and find “Danish Dynamite” in the “TV Shows” section and context menu, then select “information”. On that screen select the “refresh” option and select “yes”.

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@darwindesign - I’ll try this when I come home :slight_smile:

@darwindesign - Thanks… Amazing how small things can do the trick. Have a nice day.

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