TV Sony and network issues

It is User experience , not a bug report.
The last months I’ve issues in my home network (Switchs NetGear, Sony TV, Vero2, NAS, HDhomerun, Sat receiver,Linux PCs, LiveBox etc etc ).
No more network, no ssh, no ping, nothing.
Since I’ve disconnect my Sony Bravia TV from the Network , no more this problem.
I’don’t know why, I’ven’t search it, Perhaps it’s help for some test case

Someone reported a Sony TV issue causing some network problem before I think, but it was a vague report and I do not remember it well

Can you explain the problems you get with the TV and what happens without them? If it is a Smart TV, try turning off the network connection and seeing if things improve.

Would suggest to do some network troubleshooting when the TV is connected to the network. E.g. on the linux box do a ping on the IP address of the Vero2 and then run arp -a to see what is shown. Maybe repeat the same step with the Sony TV disconnected and then reconncted again.

Thank you for your suggest, but i will not reconnect the Sony Bravia TV. Connected to the Internet the TV send a lot of data to another Server. This and home network troubles.
too much.

It’s odd I’ve just came across this issue.
Months ago my entire home network was completely down.
I’ve traced the issue up to my sony tv.
Some minutes after using the TV set RJ45 wired lan connection, the TV can’t access the nework. After some more time the entire networks stops (in fact it is the router that hangs).

Solution is to use the TV wifi connection.

This was months ago. Never tried after the last firmware upgrades.
But it is nice to know that I’m not he only one to have network issue with a SONY TV set