TV Tuner no signal help


I have the latest version of OSMC installed on my Raspberry Pi 3, tvheadend installed and a AVerMedia AVerTV Digi Volar X (A815) (AVerMedia AVerTV Digi Volar X (A815) - LinuxTVWiki) tuner plugged in.
I have manged to install the firmware and tvheadend finds the usb tuner device. When following guides on how to setup the live tv channels it seems it struggles to pick up an signal.
I have tried the same tuner in my pc using the same aerial and that works fine.
Do I need to install some other drivers or firmware?

Some screenshots below for reference:

Appreciate any help and support.

Provide output of grab-logs -J -K

Thanks fzinken, at work now will do when I get home.

There appear to be two fw files: dvb-fe-af9013.fw and dvb-usb-af9015.fw. Did you install them both? the error messages indicate an issue with af9013.

Thanks graham, to install firmware do I just need to drag it into the lib/firmware folder?
Do I just need to delete one of the firmware files for it to work?

Yes, as root, if you’ve already downloaded it. Or

cd /lib/firmware
sudo wget
sudo wget

I suspect you need both. No need to delete anything. If that doesn’t work, try posting on the tvheadend forum. The guys that know about these things are in there.