Tvheadend 4.2.8

Any chance of an in store upgrade for tvheadend?

I want to release Kodi v18 first (next few days).

Then if you give me a ping I will build it and get it in to the staging repository for testing so we can get it out for stable release in May.


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I can’t see any mention of 4.2.8 on the tvh website.

Ah, but it is on the git since January.

Is there somewhere to view changelog between versions?

An update for TVH would be nice, I do find it sometimes to be a bit glitchy, eg just in last couple of days the instant record feature died on my Vero TVH server though timer recording and playback of live streams were fine. Instant record was fixed with a reboot.

I couldn’t find it - only between major versions - then they send you to the Git. ‘Latest news’ is nearly 2 years ago.

The last change log i was able to find was 4.2.6 > 4.2.7.

Roadmap - Tvheadend.

Well :wink:
I was able to compile tvh 4.28 but for some reason webgui failed me.
Looking for that store upgrade.

It’s in staging

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Update went well. :wink:
Running Tvh 4.2.8.
Thanks Sam!

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Thanks for the feedback

Hey Sam. As I understand it, tvheadend 4.3 includes an option to parse title/ subtitle with OTA grabbers, which I’m hoping will finally get rid of the full programme synopsis being included within programme titles (the same synopsis is also duplicated in the plot description below the title). Is 4.3 on vero still quite a way off? Thanks.

TVHeadend 4.3 has been marked as pre-release since 2017.
I don’t believe it’s ready for stable use at the moment.

Odd minor numbers will never be ‘stable’. ReleaseProcess - Tvheadend

Ah ok, thanks both for the quick response. I might test the 4.3 dev version unless you strongly advise against this.

What all is needed to configure and make tvheadend for a pi3?
I was successful back before 4.2.6 was added to the store, in fact i’m pretty sure it was a 4.3 version which did work. Did a clean install since. ;-(

I tried 4.3 a while back. It was problematic…

If you really want 4.3 I can give you instructions, but we can’t offer any support for it.


Totally understood.
As long as i have a working back up i’m good. :wink:

In other words yes i would like to know what all is need to compile tvheadend.