Tvheadend can not install. OSMC Update Error

I am a beginer in using Raspberry PI 3 + OSMC. I need media box with dvb-t TV builded on it.
When it comes to hardware everything is ok. “LSUSB” command shows my usb dvbt dongle and usb dvd player and they works.
Here log:

But when it comes to using dvb-t in OSMC for me it is impossible. I have googled it quite long and decided to use tvheadend because it is free and popular.

But I have big problem with it. When I am trying to install tvheadend server from AppStore in My OSMC, it is going and goind and then shows full screen alert: “Error Instaling: Please report this on OSMC forum”, and just after it screen with information: "Operations successfully completed"

But it is not installed when checking it in services.

What is strange I have Tvheadend in addons, but when trying to activate it. few times it was impossible, but finaly after few tryings it turned on. But nothing happened.
I have TV optnion now in Main Menu but when trying to go in. It stops with command:
“Starting the TV manager.”

Here full log from MyOSMC log option. Please help me, I bought it only to build that media box.

Thank You in advance.
Peter Hvil.

Remove this entry (deb stretch main) from /etc/apt/sources.list
After that run sudo apt-get update and then try again to install tvheadend server from APP Store

That is the client side not the server.

Thank You for urgent response. Shall I delete only what You wrote or (
“#” deb-src stretch main) as well?

Means it is commented out so would not make a difference. But doesn’t harm to also remove it.

This needs looking at. Errors are not getting bounced up to the calling routine. Is it a simple fix @sam_nazarko?

Thank You my friends. It helped. Tvheaded serwer was installed succesfully and is running.

But i have a other problem. When trying to activate addon Tvheaded HTSP client, it says “Access denied”

Whyit? Any idea? I really would like to run it on my osmc.


Please enable debug logs and try enable Tvheaded HTSP client again, then upload logs.

Thanks Tom.

I had time today evening to prepare that log… maybe now You can help me why I do not have access to run TVheadend addon.
Log here

Thank You in advance for help.

Are you able to browse to your Pi from another machine to see the TVH web interface?

If that is OK, then you need to configure the HTS PVR client with the host ( username (osmc) and password (osmc)

Grahamh thank You for help. I was able to get into web interface but i did something wrong and now it does not recognize my login and password. Is there any possibility to change all settings to default via ssh e.g.?

The web interface can be flaky. First try hitting cancel a few times in the login dialogue and then re-enter your credentials. If that doesn’t work:

sudo systemctl stop tvheadend
rm -r /home/osmc/.hts
sudo systemctl start tvheadend

Then go through the wizard again in the webapp.

An understatement.
TVH is infuriating.

With that said, I think 4.3 will solve a lot of problems.

Thank You guys, I have configuring access again. But, could You help me where I can find that HTS PVR client to set host on ? Looking it for last one hour and can not find :frowning_face:

Sam_nazarko what do You had on ming by “I think 4.3 will solve a lot of problems.”

Settings - addons - PVR - tvheadend

OSMC is currently shipping tvh 4.2. Version 4.3 is in development.

Hi Guys!
Thank You for Your help. I am still fighting but can not win. Now I stacked in MUX searching. I have add muxes for my City - Lublin in Poland. But there are no channels, and the signal from anthena sometimes is 0% sometimes 97 %. But no channels. What I am doing wrong?
Is there any manual how to set up everything on the newest verion of TVheadend?

My dvbt usb dongle seems to be ok, it finds in TVheadend and LSUSB shows it in terminal.