Tvheadend can't record to usb drive


I have tvheadend working fine, but I added an external usb drive and I just can’t figure how to have it sucessfully record to it.

My drive auto mounts on /media/DRIVENAME and when I point the tvheadend record path, I always get a cannot write file error.

I sudoed into the osmc user and I can navigate to the path and touch a file, so permissions seem to be alright.

My drive is formatted in exfat format, here is the output of sudo blkid:

/dev/sda1: LABEL=“PVR” UUID=“5A7A-2774” TYPE=“exfat” PARTUUID=“e48800a4-01”

and df:

/dev/sda1 1953511424 73984 1953437440 1% /media/PVR

Any idea what could be wrong?


What in detail you mean by that?

Ideas (all action done in the Web GUI of TVheadend):

  • In the TVheadend web GUI (port 9981) you see on top the free/used/total disk space for the recording. Does it conflict with the free and used maintain storage values in the Default Recorder Profile? Look at Configuration -> Recording -> Digital Vieo Recorder Profiles -> (default profile), switch to expert view on top right

  • at Configuration -> Debugging activate Debug Trace and insert subsystem dvr into the Trace Subsystems field, press Apply configuration !!!

  • goto Electronic Program Guide at top left, open the log field at bottom right, enable debug output (the new button at bottom right)

  • start a recording clicking on the info icon of a current program on the left, start recording

Would be nice if you could cut’n paste the debug messages, here.

thanks for the reply,

After some more investigation, it turns out my problem was with the character encoding of the filenames!

The default is ascii and my EPG is in french so most of the program titles have accentuated characters and this is what was causing the ‘cannot create file’ errors.

I switched to UTF8 encoding and now all is fine.


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