Tvheadend color

I have been scouring the net looking for information on how to get tvheadend to output a color guide.
I have a minimal m3u and downloaded the xml file from zap2it, input that info into tvheadend, the xml file does have Talk for the channels.
I am under the impression that the category is the defining element, to display color.
Here’s a link to what I would like.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Are you saying you want category colours like Estuary and other skins have?

The OSMC skin doesn’t support that.

Yes, Let me try another skin, should estuary support that out of the box?

Yes, your screenshot is Estuary.

thats not MY screen, a random image from the net.
I just check and have estuary installed and selected active, still no color

Try another EPG grabber. The one you are using may not support categories.

Just noticed in my first post,the “Talk”
got cut off, so that is in the xml file.
Is my thinking that it is the category, that allows the display of color?

happened again
category lang=“en”>Talk</category

Which XML are you looking at?

from zap2it

That site appears to be down.

working fine here