Tvheadend crash

I have a pi2 running as a tvheadend server and client. I started watching an active recording on the pi and after 20mins the playback froze and the system was completely unresponsive. I left the pi in this state, but this morning it seems to have restarted and the logs might be lost. Is there anything I can do to diagnose the problem from these: ?

In general there is no need or very little (imo) to get when you overclock pi2, try to change it back to normal clocking and freqs.

Other then that, where is the recording placed… on your smb/cifs (HUGEBITE) mount? then that could be your problem to, i would recommend you to record to a USB disk not network drive.

OK, thanks. I’ll slow things down and see if I get a repeat of the crash again. Next time I will be quicker about grabbing the logs! Oh…and I will stop trying to get recording to NAS/SMB working!