Tvheadend default install, possible bug

On a clean install, I changed the default password, installed tvheadend, from the app store, set-up my configurations for it, go to login to tvh server from the webui, input osmc as user, input my password, its rejected, input the default password for osmc, that works.
Shouldn’t tvh settings reflect the updated password?

On another note to Sam, hows the work going for installing OSMC, to a PC?

Keep up the great work.

Not necessarily. We just throw osmc:osmc in there to get you started. You could have several different users for TVH and completely different access arrangements so it’s not a given that the users or passwords should match OSMC’s.

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well, I guess thats why I prefer docker, allows you to set these params, and I’ve had numerous issues with a native install, channels don’t show up, mappings not happening. Have not had any problems with a docker install.