Tvheadend epg takes ages to appear after skin refresh

Hi Guys

On latest april update i noticed that when i’m browsing the live tv epg guide and i hit the skin refresh button the epg guide is blank and have to wait over 5 mins for it to appear.

Have tested on osmc, estuary and confluence skin to rule out skin issue.

The tvheadend is on my pi set to localhost.

The epg displays fine on boot but once i refresh skin it takes ages to appear.

Debug logs:


A part of debug log after skin refresh

DEBUG: OnKey: f5 (0xf094) pressed, action is ReloadSkin()
16:36:41.703 T:1958432768 INFO: Unloading old skin …
16:36:41.709 T:1958432768 DEBUG: ------ Window Deinit () ------
16:36:41.723 T:1958432768 DEBUG: ------ Window Deinit (Custom_Overlay_Debug.xml) ------
16:36:41.730 T:1958432768 DEBUG: ------ Window Deinit (MyPVRGuide.xml) ------
16:36:41.730 T:1568666608 DEBUG: Thread epg-grid-refresh-timeline-items 1568666608 terminating
16:36:41.875 T:1958432768 WARNING: Cleanup: Having to cleanup texture pvr/ProgressTimeline.png
16:36:41.875 T:1958432768 DEBUG: CloseBundle - Closed bundle

Did you address the TVHeadend developers with this issue?

Thanks for reply action

This didn’t occur on previous Feb or march update I don’t believe. Only recently noticed it. Unless tvheadend version got updated in April update?

Do logs give any clue what may be wrong. I assume this line sounds like issue

Thread epg-grid-refresh-timeline-items 1568666608 terminating

Can you test on your system action. Go into live TV EPG guide and refresh skin does it appear blank?