TVheadend - no guide entries

I’ve been using tvheadend from osmc appstore.
configure the kodi add-on to access tvheadend and almost everything as been working fine - great addition to osmc for having tvheadend integration.

I usually browse channels, and read each channel guide when watching the channel (using the context menu).

But when I try to access the epg full guide table (with all the channels) I always get an empty screen with:
“tv guide” “no guide entries”.

And the oddest thing is that If I use kodi in my pc with tvheadend addon to access the same tvheadend server in my osmc powered raspberry, it works without an issue !

The exact same add-on configuration in both the PC and OSMC. But the latter always giving the same error.

In kodi.log I get the error for every channel in the list:

18:25:30.165 T:1436545792  NOTICE: Start - EPG thread started
18:25:31.701 T:1377825536 WARNING: EPG - UpdateFromScraper - channel not found, can't update
18:25:31.701 T:1377825536   ERROR: EPG - Update - failed to update table 'RTP 1'

But, the channel is there, it works, when looking into the channel list it appears with the current and next program, and when watching the channel and asking for the guide, it comes complete with 3 days schedule.

Just the general guide with all the channels is failing in OSMC.

any thoughts about this ?


Try disabling TVHeadend HTSP. Then go to settings Live TV, general and clear data; do the same under the guide menu. Then re-enable TVHeadend HTSP

Thanks Tom.

Quick update:

There is a different between the PC client and OSMC client: The Skin !
Changing the skin in the Pi from OSMC to Estuary and reloading, made the guide to start working !!!

Back to OSMC skin:
The guide is off :frowning:


Thanks @Tom_Doyle, but it still doesn’t work with osmc skin.


That’s strange it works fine hear with the osmc skin.

please provide debug logs.

Thanks Tom.

Additional info:

the guide in
view: Channel returns “no guide entries”
view: Now gives the currently playing programmes in every channel
view: Next gives the expected next programmes of every channel
view: Timeline gives and empty table with “unavailable”

then I’ve browsed into the empty table and “paged down” and contents appeared !!!

very very strange.
But it seems to be working.

Thanks @Tom_Doyle

glad to hear is working now, not sure whats going on there…

Yes: It’s one of those cases: it works but I don’t know why :slight_smile:

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