Tvheadend recording weirdness

Hi all,

I’m having a really strange issue with TVH. I had a show setup for autorecord. It worked without issue. Admittedly, I hadn’t been watching it in quite a while, so didn’t notice that it simply stopped recording near the end of May.

The error is consistently “Time Missed” which my research seems to indicate is a folder rights issue. However, for the shows that were recorded before the end of May, I am able to delete them, via my Vero4K, after watching. To me, it seem as if there are no issues with folder rights.

All my PVR shows are stored on a Synology NAS in a folder called “PVR”. Each site is in an automatically generated folder named whatever the show is called. I never came close to running out of drive space.

As an experiment, I disabled the autorec of this show and created another one. I then created another autorec for another show on the same station and left it be.

Today I find the first show did not record with the usual “Time Missed” error, but the second show recorded flawlessly.

I have no clue what is going on or how this can be. Any ideas?

Can you show us the recording settings?

You should also check tvheadend logs. For example, are all needed tuners available when the recordings should take place? Most of the times I get a “Time Missed” error this is caused by some problems with tuner availability.

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It may have been an issue with folder permissions (though I don’t know why it would have changed).

At any rate, this show in question is due to record later tonight, so we’ll see what happens and I’ll report back.

Turns out it was a folder permission issue.

How it happened, I don’t know.

@sam_nazarko, since this thread doesn’t really go anywhere, should I delete it?

It may still help someone else with the same problem, so it’s best to leave it.