TVHeadEnd recordings: No free adapter or Time missed?

I assume all devices are in the same LAN, or? If so you only use the switch function of the router so performance should not matter unless you talk about WiFi performance

Good point fzinken. Yes all tevices are in the same LAN!

Vero is the only device used for playback - so we can’t blame WiFi.

Last but not least.
I’m aware that the NAS (Synology DS107) is ancient in this world - but it has a Gigabit network interface, and I assume that is plenty for this kind of operation. (even if you had 4 recordings and 1 playback going at the same time?)

Investigating further on the matter.

This can’t be good - continuity error:

Bad/poor antenna cable?
Vero in close proximity to router and digital tuner?

Think I have found the culprit…
Checking signal status for each tuner - and therefore started a recording per tuner.

Turns out that the Synology NAS seems to be the bottleneck after all…
CPU maxes out - with only 2 concurrent recordings… and everything clogs up

That’s annoying – but at least you found the culprit. You could run the server on the Vero.


Yeah for sure annoying - but at least root cause has been found (I hope) :wink:

I’m not sure I follow you on the server part - regarding the Vero.

Can you elaborate on that Sam?

Well I assume @sam_nazarko was thinking that you run the TVHeadend Server on the NAS while I assume you are running it on the Vero as you write in your first report.

So basically you are saying the NAS max out the CPU when several files are written to it in parallel?
That shouldn’t happen especially if you use NFS.

That was my initial thought - but as I asked specifically in post #4 for possible capacity problems - running TVHeadEnd server - AND - using the Vero as playback device.
And Sam replied with a “That should work” - I would assume he already knows, that I’m running TVHeadEnd on the Vero.

And yes the NAS max out the CPU - when there is two concurrent recordings - using NFS.

This monday (august 5th) - I will do a new setup from scratch - the NAS will be factory reset to rule out any (old) misconfiguration.

that would be really strange unless the software raid is messing up.

Maybe a stupid question - but would there be software raid in play - on a one-bay NAS?

should not, I didn’t looked up your NAS so just made general comment

Thought so :wink:

I owned a Syno DS-107+ which I replaced by a DS-214se when Synology stopped updating the 107-series … and that was in year 2014.
I appriciate using HW as long as possible … but here it has reached the edge of what is possible and what make sense to invest time. Time to invest in a new and fast HW. The old NAS could still serve as backup device in the intranet.

Yeah - I tend to agree Jim.
I might be a bit to optimistic regarding the capabilities of the DS107
Might give a last shot though (and then bring a new NAS with me - when I go se my brother next week) :wink:

If you are using fstab or autofs mounts, you could stress test the NAS to really see for sure of it’s NAS throughput or something with TVH. dd is your friend :grinning:

SSH into your Vero and:

dd if=/dev/urandom of=/path/to/test/file bs=1024 count=5GB status=progress

this will create a 5GB file with random content. While that is running, open another ssh session and run the dd command again (with a different output filename)

Then check the CPU usage on the NAS.

Don’t forget to remove the 2 test files.

This is simply just brilliant bmillham! Thx a bunch! Gotta love this forum :smiley:
I’m using fstab - so I’m up for doing a stress test on the NAS

Will let you know how it turns out!

Here is the result:

The CPU is trying hard to keep up - but it doesn’t look all that good to be honest…

While we are at it - can someone clarify for me - if this is a potential problem:

Here is showmount - screendump from SSH:


And here is what I ended up entering in TVHeadEnd GUI:

And here is my fstab:


Forgive me if it all seems to be made by a donkey - I’m still very much a rookie when it comes to Linux ( - Microsoft got to me first :stuck_out_tongue:)

Your fstab and TVH settings look OK to me. It’s strange that there is so much CPU load on the NAS while copying files. I wonder if you have a failing drive that’s causing lots of re-writes.

I assume that the drive is internal to the NAS. Does the NAS have USB ports so you could test another drive?

Great to hear that fstab and TVH looks OK!

Yeah it’s rather strange. I will have a look - maybe there’s an internal S.M.A.R.T test of the drive. (in the Synology GUI)

Otherwise I have a bunch of drives lying around - so I could try and swap it out with another one - on monday when I visit my brother.

Just added the S.M.A.R.T status
Nothing really sticks as far as I’m concerned…
But heck - I don’t have a whole lot of faith when it comes to the S.M.A.R.T feature…

Sorry – I thought you were currently running tvh and storage on the NAS, with plans to move TVH over to the Vero.

It seems like something isn’t quite right on the NAS. Live TV isn’t tremendously intensive in terms of throughput. A NAS should be able to keep up with this.