TVheadend video stalls randomly


I’ve been using OSMC for a while now. I have 3 RPis at home, one of them works as Tvheadend server and client, while the others are just clients.

After the last update on of the clients (a RPi2) does not work correctly any more. The video stalls after a while. This never happened before. I start NY channel playback, and with no apparent reason it simply gets stuck there after a random amount of time. OSMC however is responsive, I can stop the reproduction with my remote, for instance and resume the playback by clicking on the channel again.

I’m sending you a full set of logs:

Please help! :slight_smile:

No one?

I did some more tests. Instead of using the TVHeadend addon as frontend, I moved to SImple IPTV client. The TV backend still is the same but now the streaming works without any problem. So, I guess the problem is somehow related to the TVHeadend client itself?

Did you install TVH through the App Store?

Hi @sam_nazarko are you asking for the frontend addon or the backend?

In case of the frontend I think it came already installed.

In case of the backend I must recognize I don’t remember it was a long time ago. Most probably I just used apt to install it.

I would recommend using the OSMC version.

Hi again,

I’ve just confirmed that back in the days I used the app store.

Right now I have version 4.2.6. Last update was on 2018-04-07.

Anything else I should consider?

Check signal quality.
See if you can watch the stream on a different device.

I can see the TV in other devices without a problem.

The problem is only happening in that specific RPi2. It was working perfectly before the last update. Nothing else has changed.

Also, I can see the same channel at the same time from multiple devices, and the RPi2 stalls while the other devices continue with the playback without a problem, so I think is not related to the server side at all.

If it only happens on one device; I’d recommend restoring a backup from a different device.

This sounds very similar to the issue that I’m experiencing on my RPi2. Haven’t been able to discover what’s causing it yet.

For now I switched the client side to Simple IPTV Client, it’s far from perfect, but at least it’s an improvement.

That’s a point - can you play channels through the TVH webui? (eg with VLC).

I’ve never used the internal Live TV Player. Now I tried and it says “An unknown error occurred.”. However, using the m3u playlist generated by the TVHeadend server (http://my_ip_address:9981/extjs.html) I can watch the tv using VLC and I have no problems, if that answers your question.

The problem must be on the osmc client side. The server side it’s fine since I can access it and play live tv from other devices.

UPDATE: I’ve just switched the stream profile to matroska and now the webui Live TV Player works.

I haven’t really tried either. I’ll check that when I get home :slightly_smiling_face:

It doesn’t work for me with VLC. I have tried through SAP network streaming (doesn’t recognise anything to connect to and stream) and also an m3u playlist and I get this error


I guess your channels are password protected. Open the m3u file, and replace the “192.” string by “osmc:osmc@192.”

That should make it.

Thanks @quetzal! That fixed it for me. And streaming through VLC seems to work pretty well.