Tvheadend won't scan certain muxes

Hiya, probably should post this in the TV headend forum but I have done some research there this morning and found it a bit daunting there. I have spent the last few days trying to set up the vero 4k the official tuner and TV headend. After setting up aerial boosters and swapping leads and much nashing of teeth have come to an impasse.

I can activate the tuner, it scans local SD channels but for the life of me I can’t get it to scan the two muxes covering the HD channels. I have fiddled with the frequencies but it just fails to scan (I’m not an expert but looking at the log on TV headend it doesn’t even appear to try and scan them)

Has anyone else had this experience? It’s nothing to do with drivers or anything on the vero?

Thanks for your help

It seems the OSMC tuner doesn’t do HD at the moment. I don’t understand why, but @sam_nazarko does and is working on it.

I’m kinda relieved at that news, thought it was something I was doing and didn’t fancy disturbing the vipers nest of wires behind the TV again.

Thanks for letting me know

Is there an ongoing thread with more information about this?

There are one or two posts. You will have to search. Apparently the dongle has two tuners so one is for SD, one for HD. They should both show up in the TVH webui. IIRC the HD one is a Philips chip. If you have that you should be good to go. If not, you will have to wait. The problem may be limited to vero4k which is still running an old kernel.

Reading through some of the other threads, removing tvheadend and reinstalling should make the other tuner appear? Is this correct? To my knowledge on my dongle I have only ever seen the one tuner

Don’t know but no harm in trying. After uninstalling, mv /home/osmc/.hts /home/osmc/.htsbak will force tvh to create all new settings. If it doesn’t work then you can restore those settings with

sudo systemctl stop tvheadend
rm -r /home/osmc/.hts
mv /home/osmc/.htsbak /home/osmc/.hts
sudo systemctl start tvheadend

It does – just not on Vero 4K. I should have a fixed kernel that addresses this tonight or tomorrow, but I didn’t want to include this as part of the Stretch update for stability reasons.

Will you be announcing it on the blog / news section when fixed? And will it involve a complete reset of my current settings? (I only ask so when fixed I can put aside an hour or two to set it up… It took me forever)

Yes – it will be part of a future update.

No, it should not.

Thank you Sam, appreciate taking the time to respond.