Hi. Received my usb tv tuner today from OSMC store to use with vero 4k and getting to grips with Tvheadend for the first time. Having read other posts on this subject, I’m having a similar issue to others where the Panasonic dvb-t2 isn’t showing up in tvheadend (which hasn’t been enabled yet but has been configured). All I can see is the Realtek Dvb-t. Can’t find any HD channels (tuning to strong signal in my local area- UK Fenham). Is this still a know issue?

Unfortunalely, yes. There’s a fix in testing as we speak but it seemed to have side effects that could affect some users. You should not have to wait long.

Thanks for the response. Although disappointed, I’m glad to hear there’s a fix in the works. Do you know if the issue is specific to this usb tuner, or is it a general problem?

It’s a problem for the one other DVB-T tuner I have but some may work. The issue is AMLogic have not produced a complete 4.x kernel for S905X devices. The current kernel needs to be heavily backported. It’s annoying me too since I replaced a Pi with vero as my main media device so I’ll see if things can be speeded up.

Thank you, appreciate it.