UI colors washed out after reboot until a first video was played

Hi I recently changed RGB range to full on my Vero 4k running Kodi 18.5 (osmc December 2019). My Projector adapts automatically to limited and full range input so all good. Now I have updated to January 2020 update and when Kodi came up after reboot it showed washed out colors. Once I playback a video and stop it again, the UI has correct colors with deep black again. After next reboot, same thing. Seems as UI is not correctly initialized according to the RGB settings on startup…




Did not collect any yet. Just wanted to know if anybody else experienced this and if it probably is related to the latest update. Not sure as I did not reboot before after I have changed settings to Full.

I think not many ppl use full range. Is there any particular reason why you use it?

Anyway, I see what you mean (I can reproduce). We’ll get that fixed.

Great, thanks!

Not a particular reason. As I only watch Full HD movies with it I guess it has no benefit to set full range anyway, right? But what about photos? Won’t you loose dynamic range for limited setting?

Not really. The range just has 220 or so quantisation levels instead of 255. The blacks should be just as black and the whites just as white.

Sure, but there are less levels in-between so more chance for banding. Talking about photos assuming these have full range values, don’t they

You are right, of course.

I’ve actually noticed the same thing. I assumed it was something with the skin I’m using (which I’m maintaining, and so I assumed I messed something up in it). However, I did notice the same behavior with a couple other skins I tried (including osmc skin). But, as it “fixes itself” when I play a video, I have not worried too much about it. I’ve also noticed that with letterboxed videos (either 4/3 with vertical bars, or widescreen with horizontal bars) the “bars” are more grey (the video itself may be black, but the bars are lighter). Again, I was assuming it was something I messed up in the skin… But if other people are experiencing something similar, perhaps it’s some setting…? I’ve played around with the various video settings, but nothing seems to make any difference.

When you see grey bars, are you using full or limited range output? And is this on a screen which supports a full range signal?

This will be fixed in the 4.9 kernel.

@randallspicher’s grey bars are a different thing.

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