UI performance: Vero 4K+ vs Raspberry Pi 3B

Hi all,

Who has experience running OSMC on both a Pi 3B and a Vero 4K+?

I find in general that UI navigation on the Pi is usable, but quite slow and laggy, particularly around thumbnail display and profile switching. How much better is the experience with the Vero?

Amber skin if it matters.

Note this isn’t a question about playback, which is generally really good on the Pi.


Its a lot better, but don’t expect htpc performance from it.
No idea about amber or how heavy that skin is, I’m basing it on Estuary and the stock osmc skin.

Perhaps you should look into your setup or SD card as you should not be seeing any lag with thumbnails or UI with a Pi 3b. Switching profiles is a little slow but should still be within a couple seconds (I think that is actually more a Kodi thing than a hardware issue). I currently have all three generations of Pi’s connected to different TV’s at my house and only my gen 1 Pi B+ feels like it has any drag to it at all and even then any delays are normally fractions of a second. I just installed and ran Amber on my 3 B+ and it was just as responsive as Confluence so I doubt it is a heavy skin issue.

vero 4k+ is £107.

lower-spec pi 3b+ is £78: https://cpc.farnell.com/ucreate/rpi3-modb-osmc-media/raspberry-pi-3b-osmc-media-centre/dp/SC14941, make up your own mind.

personally my atom/pi boxes are all going to be replaced by vero4k+'s next time they’re on special offer (hint, hint).

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