Unable to access the terminal

I’m trying to get to the terminal so I can install lxde. In osmc I go to power, exit, and then I press escape on my keyboard a few times. It seems like it’s about to go to the terminal for a second, because I get a black screen for a few moments but then I’m sent to a screen that says “input not supported”. I thought this might have been the video input on my tv, so I tried it on my computer monitor but I just get the same message when I try accessing the terminal again. If I’m not able to get lxde from from the terminal, could I load lxde onto a flash drive and install it from the flash drive through osmc? I appreciate any help.

Check the Wiki. There are some other ways to get to the command line.

You are on your own re. installing LXDE, however. The AppleTV doesn’t really have enough resources to run it well either.

I thought lxde was really lightweight though.