Unable to change view after setting it to Wide

Hi, have just updated my Vero 4K to latest sw and was trying out the different views of my movie library (Wall, Wall low, etc). However, once I changed the view to Wide (which I think was the original view) I no longer have the option in the side menu to change it back to anything else! I’d like to switch it back to Wall. How can I do this, please? Thanks.

Where you would go left in some views to bring up the slideout menu other views you would need to press a different direction such as up to bring up the same menu. In the library view with the OSMC remote you can also hold down the menu button (three lines) to bring this menu up as well.

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Yep! 'twas the down arrow - didn’t occur to me to try it. Many thanks.

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There should be a small arrow indicating the direction where the menu is.


Well, yes, there IS an arrow - but most of it is off the bottom of the screen. I can just about make out a thin bar at the bottom of the (49" LG TV) screen if I go really up close.

Set your TV to “Just Scan” seems you are not seeing the full screen.

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“Just Scan” was set to “Auto”. Setting it to “On” has done the trick. Thanks again!