Unable to connect to remote server


For a while now I have been unable to update my library. I have it set to update on boot, and have tried manually, but neither work, returning the error “Unable to connect to remote server”. Internet connectivity is fine, and to the best of my knowledge there have been no changes to the system other than OSMC updates, which I don’t always do, but have done the May & June updates.

I enabled debugging, rebooted and let it ‘fail’ in the scanning, then browsed to a film which it has incorrect information for, brought up Info and refreshed to get it to look for updated information.

Logs are here: https://paste.osmc.tv/atuletobiv

Any ideas?

Just found this in the logs, not sure if it helps, but looks to be relevant:

14:16:39.124 T:1588913136 DEBUG: CurlFile::Open(0x5032350) http://api.tmdb.org/3/search/movie?api_key=f7f51775877e0bb6703520952b3c7840&query=Films&year=&language=en
14:16:39.349 T:1588913136 ERROR: CCurlFile::FillBuffer - Failed: HTTP returned error 401
14:16:39.349 T:1588913136 ERROR: CCurlFile::Open failed with code 401 for http://api.tmdb.org/3/search/movie?api_key=f7f51775877e0bb6703520952b3c7840&query=Films&year=&language=en
14:16:39.349 T:1588913136 ERROR: Run: Unable to parse web site

When I go to http://api.tmdb.org/3/search/movie?api_key=f7f51775877e0bb6703520952b3c7840&query=Films&year=&language=en I get an error of

{“status_code”:7,“status_message”:“Invalid API key: You must be granted a valid key.”,“success”:false}

I think it is looking for a film called “_Films” (the parent folder), but the concern is the message of Invalid API Key???

Tmdb scraper has problems, which need to be fixed by the addon maintainer. Use another scraper till it’s fixed.

You can found in the Kodi Github some patch’s, waiting for the next Kodi 17x release.
But for now take a look to this thread
and check all your add-ons and dependency.


I’ve sen that post this afternoon but I have updated already and have 3.9.2, so don’t know what to do. I guess the only option is to wait for an update to be released/available. I’m just surprised there hasn’t been more people with problems on here.

Perhaps, because you have a “big” db or …
I don’t know, what I can tell you is like work-around I go to settings source and I start the scrap by folders films or TV Series.
For TV series it’s more easy, for films it’s more …
I’ve a second Vero4 (test) box, also when I’ve some time, I start and (after take a look to the log, or after some minutes) I restart by ssh the mediacenter. And restart the srap in settings.
For TV Series it’s works quickly the most of time.
For films folder(>1600 ) it’s not easy, but sometime I go forward for 1 or more films, I restart mediacenter by ssh , etc etc
The second VERO4 familly box update after, but I loose a lot of time, and sometime nobody understand, why Kodi don’t show a PVR recorded file
It’s a KODI issue, and Sam watch the github patch.