Unable to connect to remote server

Is the movie db tv scraper borked as of right now? I just changed over from the TVDB about 2 weeks ago when it allegedly died.

No manual update for the add on available.

I think TVDB should work again.

That takes a fair while to redo all my TV tho. Is the movie dB dead or just having a temporary tiz?

Ask in the developers thread for the tmdb scraper on the Kodi forum maybe? We don’t keep up with the day to day function status of random add-ons.

Isn’t this a default more or less baked in part of it all working? It’s not some weird emulator or anything.

It’s a Kodi addon, not specific to OSMC.

But where is your media located? Unable to connect to remote server sounds more like Kodi can’t reach the media. Logs would be immensely useful in verifying it’s accessibility.

You do not have to rescrape your content. When you do the ‘set content’ and change the scraping source you just need to say NO when it asks if you want to refresh the information.

Ahh ok, that’s very helpful. I assumed it would double up on everything.

Seems the movie TV dB is back.

I just had the tvdb go out on me again. Didn’t pick up Pennyworth or an episode of Preacher. So I put it back on to the moviedb TV and got it again.

It’s just weird because I’ve never had a scraping issue before and now in the last few weeks it’s been a bit back and forth and I’m pretty sure it’s not me.

While it may be a 3rd party add on, it is a core function of Kodi. I dare say that if for some reason it didn’t work under osmc then you’d sell less units.

I’ve read that TVDB has been acting a bit funny today as well.

Noted. Honestly – if it was something I could fix, I’d be all over it.
I do believe that there are alternative scrapers that can be used in the interim however. Consistency is certainly better though.

I guess I’m a bit sore on it because a sub driver that took 10 weeks to get to me wasn’t properly bonded to the basket so I had to fix that. Then one of my 3tb drives packed in. Then chuck in 2 faulty work laptops the last thing you want is your media player screwing around.

I guess you would be all over it now you mention it.

I would suggest broadening your view a bit. You did not purchase Kodi, you purchased a box that runs it. As with any large open source project there are going issues that come up and you often will not get the same expedant fixes that you might from a company that is actually getting paid to write software. Issues with scrapers have popped up in years past and they always got dealt with. We should all be thanking TheMovieDB, and not wagging our fingers at TVDB (or anyone else). Kodi is flexible enough that one could move to external scrapers and keep going. The issues lately are a little annoying, but they are easy enough to get around, and a far cry from making anyones hardware unusable.

I know what I purchased, if it didn’t run Kodi it wouldn’t be much use for it would there?

I haven’t had problems with scrapers before, it’s new to me so I understand it’s an add on, but it’s still a major draw to the purchasing boxes that run Kodi. There’s more fixes that come out of here than major manufacturers, Nvidia shield TV is one example.

I don’t see a problem with wagging fingers either. I’m sure it wasn’t designed to ‘sort of work’ And I’ll bet whoever is responsible for it is likely hard at it, but again if I don’t know and no one else is reporting on it I’m not going to sit and wonder.

I didn’t say it was unsuable either I said the scrapers were a big part of Kodi and likely the sale of the boxes.

I’m aware of the issues with TVDB and hope this will stabilise.
If they don’t – we have some ideas on how to mitigate this



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Thanks Sam, that’s helpful.

Here are two much more appropriate locations to do your finger wagging that might actually be seen by the parties responsible.



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I dunno, I think this is a good location since users of the Vero are likely to come here if something isn’t right with it and then they can look at the info and see there are currently some scraper issues over the last short while.

If you applied that logic to all the other bugs/issues i see people posting about that arent specific to the Vero hardware, they’d be sent to all corners of the internet.

The most important people for such an issue are not looking into our forum though. It might make other OSMC users aware of an issue and its possible cause, yes. But it doesn’t help fixing the root cause as much as it would to ping the actual devs/maintainers of the DB.

I get that completely, however Vero4k is a business at the end of the day. If Kodi (the driving force behind Vero) has a major borked component then users are going to show up here - again, look at the amount of posts that aren’t hardware specific and out of OSMC’s hands.

I’d also wager that the devs here would be taken a lot more seriously by the kodi people than x amount of random guys from the internet reporting on stuff that may or may not be a bit flaky.

My whole topic was a case of ‘hey, what’s going on with this?’ and then get polar opposite reactions - but the most helpful ones where along the lines of ‘kodi’s a bit flaky, sometimes it does this and we have plans if it’s a persistent issue’

That’s what your userbase wants to hear on this forum, and why it’s so popular because of people like @sam_nazarko already go out of their way to do little cunning tweaks that help even the lowest percentile of Vero users, that is a major draw of this box over others.

This is the biggest flaw in your logic. The more random ppl reporting the issue actually confirm the problem for those devs who maintain a function or feature that may have a hiccup. It’s also important for those devs to be able to gather diagnostic info from the affected users.

Secondly, the OSMC team is small and working uncompensated in our free time. It’s more beneficial for you that we focus our limited resources on the “cunning tweaks”.