Unable to enter WiFi SSID details (Raspberry Pi 1)

I’m unable to enter my WiFi SSID details in OSMC settings. Tried with 2 wireless USB keyboards. But, the letters are not getting typed. (It’s a hidden wifi… hence I have to enter it manually)…Used the latest build for Raspberry Pi (1). Also, while installing OSMC, I had entered the WiFi credentials which doesn’t seem to get reflected.

Where are you entering it? connmanctl? It won’t give visual feedback as you type the password.

I’m typing in the My OSMC > Network > Wireless page… it’s not allowing me to enter the SSID (I believe password will be the next step)… the page seems to be stuck on not responding…

Hiden SSID doesn’t work in My OSMC (IIRC).

Oh okay… is there an alternative? Any reason on why the WiFi credentials taken while Windows Installation is not reflected in system? (Same reason as above?)

As explained, hidden SSIDs won’t work properly.
There’s no added security from a hidden SSID, so the easiest method would be to configure a name

Ok Sam. Thank you very much. I will check that option. I will unhide the SSID and try it again. Will hide it after setup… :slight_smile:

With which advantage? Every wifi device can see your SSID anyhow regardless if hidden or not

It’s done just to prevent ‘less technically inclined’ people to see my SSID. :slight_smile:

And to increase the interest of the more technical inclined people to hack you :wink: