Unable to restore a previous image on a brand new sdcard

I wish to restore a previous image (15 645 696 ko) to a new sdcard (16gb) from my Windows 10 machine.
So I tried to format it twice (format: exFAT, allocation unit size: 32 Ko) but il failed with this message:
and i don’t get it :hushed:

If you restore a image you don’t need to format the disk (basically the image should include the partition table and filesystem).

How have you created the image and how are you trying to write it back?

Hello and thanks (again for helping)

That’s what I thought too…
The image was created using WinDisk Imager 0.9.5.
I was trying to restore the image (with a correct MD5) via the same software.

Well reading the above error message I would interpret that the image and the target card are not the same size (a couple thousand sectors difference). So I am not sure if you can ask Windisk to only write as much sectors as available on the card?
Otherwise you would need to use gparted to change the partition and image size before writting

Well it seems the brand new version (1.0) of Windisk does it.

So I have succesfully retored my image.