Unable To update to latest August update

Hi friends 1st time posting here. I own the vero4k and i have been updating it regularly via the pop-up of updates available. I am trying for few days to update my box to the latest and much expected August update but with no luck. I contacted OSMC support on twitter and i was given the hotfix code and instructions but still no luck.

I will appreciate if someone has any idea why is this happening and also if possible to assist me in fixing this problem.

thanks N

Please upload logs via MyOSMC log uploader

nevermind i found it in wiki. thanks

Hi Fzinken thanks for replying. Can you direct me how to do that?


Here it is

Https://paste.osmc.tv/ ozezerefuv


Your system seems to be on an old version of Debian Stretch and not Buster. You could change sources.list to refer to Buster and try and upgrade. I would recommend taking a backup first.

Hi and thanks for the info. I decided and went with the option of formatting and reinstalling. All is good again.

Thanks to all for you time

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Glad to hear you are back up again now.