Understanding Question Vero 4k > ENIGMA 2 Receiver > Live TV/PVR

Hello community,

iam new to OSCM and especialy with the Vero 4k.
I recently made the decission to centralize my Media Files in One Place to share it across my homenetwork with NAS Support.

So iam willing to invest some time to start an Open Source Home Theatre Solution Project with the Vero 4k and a Enigma 2 Receiver + NAS.

I will use the Enigma 2 Receiver as PVR backend and the Vero V4k as PVR Client with the Kodi PVR-Client Addon
My Thought is to show Live TV and to record some Videos on a NAS within Kodi.

It is for me unclear if it is possible or must have the Enigma2 Receiver PVR Ready Support?
I also will integrate some DRM Streaming Providers like Netflix.

What is here the better legal solution the PlayOn Service or any other possible Method? Example?


I’ve used an Enigma2 receiver (VU+) as backend with Kodi through the VU+ plugin. Worked pretty well. I could watch live and recordings. AFAIR I didn’t have to do anything special on the VU+. Everything was accessed through the web-interface.

For Netflix you’ll have to wait for Leia (Kodi v18) as it will have support for DRM. Check the forum for reports of people already playing with the Leia alpha builds and Netflix.