Unhappy face on my apple tv

after doing an update on my apple tv i have ended up with the sad face and cannot get the system to boot at all, any one help please

Please use the search function and check for possible solutions (or at least explanations) in that threads

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I have been through the search but I can’t see where anyone has fixed the problem

Therefore I wrote “or at least explanations” seems in the moment there are issues with Apple TV version that can not be fixed overnight

guess it takes more than a couple of months judging by how many people have the same problem

Well the sad face issue (NVIDIA driver mismatch) is relative new

some date back to 2016 is that classed as new? sorry I thought the computer world was quicker than that

Different reasons for sad faces

Yes I also thought so but seems computer world is still in a state that 10 year old devices are assumed to be updated to the latest software

sorry I am not trying to be funny i just thought that if it is put as an update it wouldn’t of done this.

Seems that the OSMC Apple download of the new update is problematic and Apple TV1 fails, causing Sad face. I resolved by first having a total back up (indigo is perfect for this). Then reinstalling 3/1/17 version of the Apple TV1, installing zip with Indigo addon, then restoring all, back before the “UPDATE”. In OSMC downloads they only have the 3/1/17 update, but for some reason it tried to install a bad update…guess the great people of OSMC are working on it, so when it is available check in the download section…maybe you would want to do the same procedure as above when it becomes available.