Unplayable ISO

Hiya folks,

Tried to watch a DVD rip (usual disclaimer; we own physical copies of all our media library, backups, ya-di-ya-di-ya …) of “Clear and Present Danger”.

Browse to it, press play on the rip … and nothing happens. For some apparently random time. Then (still without anything apparently happening) I can once again use the remote to … well, navigate up (“…”) or have the ISO ignored again.

The rip’s fine - we ended up watching it (exactly the same rip) on a different media player without any issues.

Logs here.

Thanks folks!


Hi Tris,

I see this in your log:

21:53:02 T:2551182320 WARNING: could not find codec parameters for /home/Multimedia/Video/Rips/By title/'Clear And Present Danger' [2000]/'Clear And Present Danger' [2000].iso
21:53:02 T:2551182320   DEBUG: Open - av_find_stream_info finished
21:53:02 T:2551182320    INFO: ffmpeg[980FF3F0]: Input #0, mpeg, /home/Multimedia/Video/Rips/By title'Clear And Present Danger' [2000]/'Clear And Present Danger' [2000].iso':
21:53:02 T:2551182320    INFO: ffmpeg[980FF3F0]:   Duration: N/A, bitrate: N/A
21:53:02 T:2551182320  NOTICE: Opening stream: 0 source: 512
21:53:02 T:2551182320  NOTICE: Finding audio codec for: 0
21:53:02 T:2551182320   DEBUG: FactoryCodec - Audio: passthrough - Opening
21:53:02 T:2551182320   DEBUG: FactoryCodec - Audio: passthrough - Failed
21:53:02 T:2551182320   DEBUG: FactoryCodec - Audio: FFmpeg - Opening
21:53:02 T:2551182320   DEBUG: CDVDAudioCodecFFmpeg::Open() Unable to find codec 0
21:53:02 T:2551182320   DEBUG: FactoryCodec - Audio: FFmpeg - Failed
21:53:02 T:2551182320   ERROR: Unsupported audio codec
  • Is the DVD encrypted?
  • Is there anything unusual about the DVD? The unsupported audio codec is definitely odd. It would be good if you could MediaInfo the feature film.

Lastly, does sudo apt-get install libmpeg2-4 help?


Thanks for taking a look :slight_smile:

Well done finding anything in amongst all those CEC errors :slight_smile:

No, nothing at all. Hm. It is, IIRC, another (very) old one, but there shouldn’t be anything there which causes issues. It was probably ripped with a piece of software which was a Decrypter of _DVD_s (and the mere mention of the name of which used to bring a gaggle of MPAA lawyers to the door of your website in mere minutes :slight_smile: ); now we use something a little more Foxy ([Edit] And these days, sporting a nifty little black bandanna :slight_smile:). Either way, our rips are encryption and protection free backups.

MediaInfo for one of the main titles looks normal to me, but that doesn’t mean a lot :slight_smile:.

Yes - it fixes the problem and now the disc plays perfectly (well, ‘perfectly’? It appears to be playing using software MPEG decoding, which would seem consistent with your installation suggestion. So the playback is awful, but the point is it plays back and you know about the dropping into software issue already) - you just had to ask that last, didn’t you?! :slight_smile:

Thanks @sam_nazarko! :slight_smile:

Ah, DVDDecrypter! I used to use that so I could actually play back DVDs that I paid for over my network… It still does well on most copy protections today.

Need to sit down and see what’s going on here…

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You want some real nostalgia? Several of our rips are from “flipper discs”! :slight_smile: