Unsupported release candidate - can't update

When I’m trying to update OSMC RC3 it displays a message (bottom-left) that it is a “Unsupported release candidate” and that updating is not possible. I have to install the official version, but version one is not yet available?

Bye the way I did update my initial installation of RC1 to RC2 and then to RC3.
Any ideas how to overcome this?

Are you sure it doesn’t say unsupported Alpha?

CC @DBMandrake

It will be an unsupported Alpha version. Please post full debug logs and we can confirm this for you.

Yes, you are right. “Unsupported Alpha”.

What it means is you updated from an alpha release that didn’t support updating to RC inspite of our advise to do a clean install. Although it appears that you are running RC3 in reality several critical packages aren’t at the correct version and this will cause problems. You need to do a fresh install, from there you will be able to update to final without another install

Oke, I will do so. Thank you very much.