Up Next Addon and Library Intergration Tool not working

Hi Guys.
I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, but I can’t get the Up Next Addon working with my Local library.
How do I configure this Addon?
Did someone managed to get it working?

I thought it should be enough to install and activate it, but I didn’t get any notification from the add-on itself.

For the Library Integration Tool.
I installed it but i got an Error in the Logs when i’m trying to start it.
the Error is at the end of the log:

Library Integration Tool


under addon_data seems to fix the issue

Did you seek support from the add-on developer? Most mainstream add-ons have their own thread on the Kodi forum in the relevant subforum for the type of add-on. I’m not sure how this can be an OSMC problem and you will likely find much more relevant support for such an issue there.

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Just wanted to know if anyone is using this addon on osmc successfully.
Second it was in the OSMC Add-on Repo. So thats the reason i asked here for support.
I will seek support on the Kodi Forum for this matter , thanks

works fine for me. It does need to be near the end time of the file though.
It does have a ‘test notification’ button in options so maybe delve there if it’s not popping the notification at all