Update available - 6th time in 3 days

Hi I’ve received this message at least 6 times over the last few days that OSMC updates are available and need to quit Kodi to install them - I do it and hours later the message is back…

Every time I check, in Programs > My OSMC its the same version ( O3-02 ).

Anyone else getting this? Is this a known issue?

Any and all tips/hints appreciated.

Do you have stretch-devel in your /etc/apt/sources.list? If so, that’s why as there have been several changes in the last day.

But I think there were also a few extra updates in the last few days.

u have to ssh into Vero and run the command ‘uname -a’ to see the exact version number.
And yes there have been alot of updates the last days.

You can very well just look under settings/system info as well… There you’ll find the installed kernel version as well. No need for SSH.

That many updates are not usual and not intended, but there were a few issues during the last days which caused this. Everything should be sorted out now (with kernel version -69).

Please try updating once more.
Otherwise, as suggested, people would need to see logs.

Are you experiencing any problems with your device?