Update failed

My vero 4k complains about a failed update - if i then start the update process manually it says no update available.

This happend now twice within the last 1 or 2 weeks

logs: url can be provided

Please provide us with the URL



please remove the link due to it’s public

It doesn’t matter – it won’t have personal information.

so you downloaded it?

Your log shows you are up to date.

The update failed message suggests that you had an Internet connectivity problem when the check was made. So the issue is likely caused by the fact that OSMC couldn’t check for updates at the time – not that it couldn’t install updates; as we don’t install updates without prompting you first.


ok, thanks…

I’ve made a note to improve the wording of this message.


Yes please, it had me confused as well one time when my internet connection got lost and I didn‘t notice.