Update Feed

Hello, is there any way to decide which updates you want to install? I would also be pleased if you had an update feed the opportunity to install packages, as with XBian.

Greatings Cosmicbase

You could do this manually via the command line, but it’s not recommended. The packages are tightly coupled with each other (i.e. firmware, kernel and Kodi).

OK thanks

Are there any big problems with Kodi 19 at the moment? Should I dare an update? Important for me are the Netflix, Hyperion.ng Enigma2 client. That has to work afterwards.

19 is in very early development. Users should expect breakage.

ok :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Netflix add-on devs. are still working to get it working with Python3, and there are dependencies of the script that also needs revision to Python3.

ok thx, i`m waiting for final.

Plenty of stuff breaking in Kodi 19 with Addons if your not that interested in alpha/beta testing then i suggest waiting for the final version instead