Update from 4.4.0 kernel to 4.4.1 on Pi2 --> Access to windows smb shares impossible

Installed OSMC on my Pi2 last week. I did before even setting any options a Update to the Jarvis RC3 Kodi. Using ArgusTV and a central DB on a Windows 7 Computer. Music, Videos and ArgusTV Folders are shares.

I’ve entered the smb shares in Filemanager with password and login. Everything worked fine. ( Add network share --> Type SMB, IP, Folder, Login, Password )

Yesterday I did an update. The Kernel was updated from 4.4.0 I was running to 4.4.1. Kodi was not updated. Suddenly my smb shares all stopped working. “Connection timed out”. My Pi2 is in the network. I am able to use webinterface, putty, ping etc. Database access works.

Ok thought I’ve killed something installing vnc. So I just did a complete new install. Last build is still 2016-01 so I installed that one and did an update before I set anything.

Same problem again. No access to my network shares.

Since I’m a noob with linux… I’m totally screwed…

Nevermind… Found it… After Reinstalling 3 times… I found out it wasn’t the update… It was my Server. Do not why and how… But all Windows shares were fully functional. Only OSMC was not able connecting.

Works again… Problem solved…