Update from RaspBMC to OSMC with shared library


first of all thank you for your great work and also the people on the Forums. I just signed up but used it many times before :slight_smile: .

Now my question:
Is it possible to update from RaspBMC to OSMC and to keep the shared library on my NAS MySQL database?

I read some Posts and the Upgrade article but just wanted to be sure before i update and maybe “destroy” my DB. As far as i understood it is possible if i have RaspBMC with Kodi 14.1 (which i have).

Even if it is possible, I read that it is still better to start from scratch. Is this true?

Thanks in advance.


You can’t directly upgrade to OSMC, but you can yourself save the settings for kodi (in .kodi) and later install the bits relevant to the libraries.
I think the details for this have previously been posted.

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Thanks for the answer but i guess my question was wrong. Sorry.

I know that i can not upgrade directly. What i meant is, when i install the OSMC new, can i connect it then to the existing shared library? Will OSMC be able to read it correctly?

I read somewhere that i have to keep the advancedsettings.xml from the RaspBMC and to put it to the new installation.

But if I understand you correct it is possible.

Kodi will make a copy of your old MySql library and then update it to the current version leaving the original untouched. There should be no problems or issues doing this, if the update process were to fail then the original library is still there.
Yes you should copy advancedsettings from your current install. you may want to check its contents as some settings may not be desirable for Kodi.

Rereading your original post, if you currently are on 14.1 then the database version is the latest and will just work in OSMC advancedsettings most likely is fine as well

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Which is how I went and it worked fine.

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I had a problem with thumbnail caches and still haven’t worked it out Didn’t want to bother anyone whilst I was still migrating. Interesting to see if it was just me being a numpty! Worked for me with only 1 profile, got confusing if I had different profiles set up.

I installed OSMC on the weekend and it was really easy :smile:

Keep your sources.xml and advancedsettings.xml. Install OSMC. Copy back the two files. Finished :smiley:

Two things i did not find anywhere (nothing special but maybe for noobs like me interessting):

  • The port from webserver changes from 8080 to 80 (don’t remember if i put 8080 on raspbmc)
  • After putting back the SD-Card and start the raspberry i had about 5 Minutes no picture on TV. First i thought it is broken but you just have to be patient.

I also changed the skin to confluence cause the OSMC looks good but “empty” (no pictures, no thumbnails).

Thank you for your help :smile: