Update killed Bluetooth?

I can’t for the life of me get my bluetooth keyboard reconnected. I went through the process of installing Bluez and all that, but I do not have access to bluetoothctl as it is not on the system.

OSMC Version 2016.04-2

Bluez is already installed in OSMC by default, and in recent versions of OSMC it is a custom version of Bluez.

Please describe exactly what you did when you “installed” Bluez as it has probably made matters worse.

Well actually what seemed to happen was I did a apt-get upgrade (after update of course) and it didn’t quite install everything. I installed the individual items that it for whatever left out and that seemed to have worked.

That is because you must use dist-upgrade, not upgrade. This is well documented. If you use upgrade you will get a partial upgrade that will absolutely cause you problems.

Hmmm is there a way to revert that? Or do I have to start from the beginning again? I’m also noticing that when I try to access a network drive the whole system just sad faces me.

Well that sad face might have other underlying problems that would need to be checked separately. How about you first try sudo apt-get dist-upgrade and check from there.

Yea that comes back with 0 updates available.

So this would be what?
Just provide grab-logs -A and well see for ourselves.


here you go. I know one of them was arm7 bluez,