Update MyVideos DB after IP address change of video nfs mount?

Wanted to keep the title short, my problem might not be fully clear from that, so let me explain.

Received a new modem this week, was advised by my ISP to stick to the subnet that it offers for my internal network. This differs from my previous subnet. So, now I’m updating a lot of network nodes, and I’m running into trouble with my Vero 4K. Or with OSMC in general. The NAS that contains my movies and series has changed IP address, from 192.168.1.X to 192.168.178.Y. Took me a while to figure out how to change the source (nfs mount) for my videos. Failed to do it using the UI, managed to do it by updating sources.xml in .kodi/userdata (plus a reboot). So far, so good. But as soon as I try to access an existing Video, the UI freezes, although the ssh connection still responds.

Took me a while to figure out, but it seems (just by doing a grep on the files in .kodi/userdata/Database) that the DB still points to the old nfs IP, probably for each single video file that’s in there.

Is there an easy way to mass update the DB entries, so that my Vero 4K comes back to life? I’d really like to keep the “watched state” of episodes as it is, and keep all other settings, add-ons and whatnots in place, so a full reset/reinstall is only the last resort.



That’s really poor advise from the ISP, the whole point of private IPs is that you can use any subnet you like as long as its within the private ip range and behind a nat. I had similar issue with The virgin media superhub, wouldn’t let me use out of the box; but I had static IPs I didn’t want to change. I now use it in modem mode so no issue.

Anyway link provided should get you going.

Thanks Tom.

And besides the link that @Tom_Doyle gave you, you might consider switching to fstab mounts, that way the IP would not be saved in the database, so you can change IPs all you want. You can even move the files to a different server, and just adjust fstab to mount them in to the same path.


Thank you both. @Tom_Doyle, the HOW-TO link helped (the suggested SQLite editor for OS X is no longer around; I found DB Browser for SQLite to be a good tool for the job). Took a few iterations to get it right, but it seems to work now, with updated IP address.

I wanted to see that work first, to ensure I can get the DB properly updated. So I did not follow up on you suggestion yet, @bmillham, I like the idea to change it to an fstab mount but I decided to stick to “changing only one variable at a time”. But that’s certainly something to keep in mind.

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One thing at a time is a good thing, as you’d have to do the database change with switching to fstab, it’s just that you’d only have to do it the one time; any future changes would just be to fstab.

So follow the path you are taking now, get it working again, and then experiment with switching to fstab.