Update TV Show EN instead of FR


when I had a new TV Show in my NAS, I do an update with the menu “Mettre à jour la Médiathèque” on the Rpi and each time, the synopsis appears in English I need to do a second update with the menu “Informations de la série TV” / “Actualiser” and force FR instead of EN…

PS : I use the scrapper TVDB and I have put FR on it :wink:

I don’t understand…

Who can help me ?


So you want the sypnosis of the programming/movie to show up in French rather than English? If so, check the video settings to see if the language can be changed to French.

Only other way I think might work is to boot the Pi into French so that all text is in french. Not too sure but just explore the settings, that’s what I do when I’m stuck with something :+1:

Do you have TVDB Scraper settings set to french?

System > Add-ons > My add-ons > Information providers > TV information > The TVDB > Configure

Of course :wink: