Updater stuck on "backup - mode: backup"

As far as I can tell, my RPi2 OSMC 1.0 has been stuck on a backup loop all day. Auto update is set for 9AM (with backup set to run first). When I turned on OSMC at 8:30PM, I saw the following message in the bottom right corner:

Backup - Mode: Backup
Gathering file list......

Logs are uploaded here: http://paste.osmc.io/poqamaweno

That looks like the XBMC Backup addon, not the backup tool used in the OSMC Updater.

Best to ask in the appropriate addon thread over at the kodi forum for assistance with that.

This is the specific error:
SMBFile->Open: Unable to open file : ‘smb://BERTO/Kodi%20backup/201506290400/xbmcbackup.val’
unix_err:‘16’ error : ‘Invalid argument’

For what its worth, I have had problems with using the server name in SMB paths in the past. And much more success and stability using the ip address instead.

Error 16 looks to be “Device or resource busy”


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@Karnage thanks for looking at this. I think it is possible that my PC was asleep when the backup started. Do you think that could cause this problem? Wouldn’t the backup keep trying until the PC woke up? (Understood this is not an OSMC issue, so I understand if you don’t know and I need to go to the kodi forum.)

I dont know what the backup addon would do, but I doubt it would keep re-trying for hours at a time.

Having network storage that goes to sleep is going to cause trouble as you are relying on Wake-on-Lan which, personally speaking, I have never been able to get implemented successfully on Windows.

You might want to look at backing up locally, and then setting up some scheduled task (cron?) to synchronise (syncthing?) the contents of the local backup folder with its network counterpart.

The built in wake-on-lan support in Kodi only applies to playing video AFAIK - so if you had video files on say an SMB share on a server that was asleep, attempting to play them from the library (and possibly via Videos) would try to wake the server and wait for it to wake. (However I have never had any success with this either with a Mac server, even though I know the Mac supports wake on lan)

This wake on lan mechanism in Kodi does not extend to addons trying to access remote servers as far as I’m aware though, so a backup addon trying to connect to an asleep server is definitely going to cause issues.

@Karnage @DBMandrake Thanks for the feedback and comments about wake on LAN limitations.

I would normally agree the backup would not keep trying for hours, but then I also would not have expected the updating arrows / message to keep showing in the corner of my screen. Instead, I thought the backup process should have exited gracefully, perhaps with a popup saying there was a network error.

Interesting idea to backup locally and transfer later. I currently run both the backup addon and the OSMC backup, which is probably overkill anyways. So maybe the answer is to just uninstall the backup addon now that OSMC has this functionality.

Out of curiosity, I posted a message on the kodi forum anyways and will follow up there.