Updates Brick My Device

The last 5 or so times I’ve attempted to perform an OSMC update my device becomes bricked. I attempted to update again last night and it’s bricked again. Each time I reboot, the device responds to input for ~3 seconds then is totally unresponsive.

My setup is: Raspberry Pie 2 B, SanDisk Extreme Pro 16GB card, Edimax wireless. Appying the reFocus skin.

The only fix is to pull the SanDisk card and rebuild on my PC, and then setup the entire thing again. Very annoying.

Its not bricked per say since a raspberry is pretty much easy to reinstall now first thing is such an occurance as yours i would start to check the gear your using ie

The SD wear and tear and the installation will go bonkers.
The Power Supply is it giving enough energy to the device.

So you might feel frustrated and annoyed but my guess is that its not the actuall update or more people would be complaining its mostly the gear thats on the fritz …

Thanks for the reply. I just reinstalled everything from the OSMC installer on my desktop and it works perfectly again. My normal setup is using the TV USB power supply and I constantly see a multi-color square indicator in the upper right of the screen (I think it’s indicating it’s not getting enough power?). Perhaps you’re on to something there.

Yes without a doubt.

Use a power supply that atleast has 2.5A for Raspberry PI there are such available here at our shop.

Glad it was a easy fix

Never power the pi using the TV USB as corruption most likely will occur as pi will have power cut when TV is turned off.

Best to go with the official pi power supply