Upgrade freeze at 100%

Last night I started the upgrade process in my raspberry pi (1 model B), but for now I see that the upgrade progress is at 100% and has the info “Running post-installation trigger systemd”.

What can I do, to pass this problem without messing with the SDcard?

Thanks in advance

Can you still access it via SSH?

Nop, not at all.
I had to plug off the power, “clear & fix” all the bad block in the SDcard, to work.

It might be a bad SDcard, not sure.

Bad blocks ?

You should not ever see a bad block reported on an SD card. If you do, the card is toast. Bin it and get a better one.

I’ve just ordered a Samsung SDcard. I’m running it on a RaspPi B. I don’t see great changes when using my RaspPI 2.

I don’t understand what you’re trying to say here.

Do you mean you see the same issue in the Pi 2 with the same SD card ?

No, what I was trying to say there was that I don’t see great performance improvement when running osmc in rasp B and rasp 2.

First I was using on a Rasp B (and then osmc upgrade failed), but for now I switched to Rasp 2.
Tonight I’ll try updating the osmc in my rasp 2, and see what happens.

I’ve also received my new Samsung Evo SDcard, to install osmc.