Upgrade pi 1 sd to pi 2

Hi all!

I bought a raspberry pi 2, and i want to upgrade my raspberry 1 sd card for pi 2. Is there a solution for this or need to reinstall? Thank you!

backup your files using myosmc addon then grab the backup from the sd card then reinstall OSMC using our installer and then restore your backup again

Thank you,but i mean apt-get upgrade or something,because i have a lot of things: ssh key,transmission,port knocker etc etc…but i will do it manually again from backup(if i not wrong myosmc addon backup only settings from osmc)
Thanks again;)

cant mix and match arm6 and arm7 sry

Hi All, I’m looking for some help. I currently run a Raspberry Pi B with OSMC & Kodi, I was given a new Raspberry Pi 2 as a Xmas gift. Can I simply move the SD card from my old Raspberry Pi B to the new Raspberry Pi 2 and boot-up. Will it run without any other changes/modifications?

No, you must create a new installation for the Pi2. You can use the backup function of MyOSMC to backup your Kodi installation on the Pi1 and then restore that once you have created the new install on the Pi2.

What is so unclear about all of this you cant mix arm6 with arm7 just because they share the name raspberry pi doesnt make em interchangeable