Upgrade to RPi3

Hello all,
I tried to use the search facility and couldn’t find the answer hence this post.

Is it possible to simply swap out the MicroSD from an RPi2 to an RPi3 to upgrade to the latest RPi instead of reinstalling?

Yes. Just do a full update first.

Wonderful. You’re a star Sam

Quick question. I’ve updated to the latest April release, swapped out the MicroSD card and all is fine and working beautifully, however, under the overclock settings the default is still 900MHz with Turbo set to 1000MHz. Is there a way to reset it to the default for the RPi 3?

Go by the real clock settings in System Info, not My OSMC.

Thanks for that. I had mine set to Turbo on the RPi 2 and the speed set to 1000MHz and the RPi 3 reduced the speed 1000MHz. As soon as I set it back to Normal and rebooted it went to the normal RPi 3 speed.