UPnP library sharing - playback error [RESOLVED]


You may be better off by setting up a shared database (via MySQL) and share the media via NFS (or SAMBA).

It’s a little more work to get setup, but once running works great.

Search the Kodi forums for MySQL for more info.

I have looked into MySQL but looks pretty complicated and I’m pretty new to all of this… I just wish it was as easy as the youtube videos suggest.

Can I install the SAMBA addon to each machine then locate the source from the raspberry Pi’s that don’t have the HDs connected? seems logical but I can’t get it to play.

if anyone has a good link to a tutorial I would love to review it.

Thanks for all your help

You only need to install Samba to the Pi that is connected to the HDD’s. Make sure you reboot that device afterward. Then when adding sources to the other devices, choose Windows Sharing>Ip.of.Samba.Pi>

I’m not in front of it at the moment. I will try that and report back later. Thank you