UPnP music add category "Files"

When I use the Android app ‘UpnP Play’ I do not see the option ‘Files’ in the ‘Music Library’ whilst I do see that option if I choose the ‘Video Library’. I’ve sorted all my audio and video in folders on disk and I NEVER use the ID3 tags of my MP3 music files (the hundreds of tags are a mess) but the Music Library ony wants to use the ID3 tagd of my music.

How can I get the option to browse files and folders in my Music Library just like in the Video Library?

Upnp only shares libraries, not file lists. So if you aren’t using the library feature, upnp will not provide you a listing.

When I open my Video Library from my w/ said UPnP app then I do have the option to browse files and I can play them just fine, on my Pi. How’s that possible then w/ video files and not w/ MP3 files?

You should be asking this at forum.kodi.tv as this feature is not dependent on OSMC and according to the Kodi wiki, music libraries are shared by UPnP.


As of v12, the UPnP server can also share video files that are not scanned into the library, however music still requires being added to the library to be shared.

Thank you very much for that info! I posted said question in the feature request of Kodi [(link)] (http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=245733) :smiley: