Upnp on pi 2 not showing up in media players

I have the upnp set to share my library however as soon as my tv finds it it disappears. It still shows other devices in the list (wd live book etc). If i turn off upnp and back on then it reshows for a second then goes again.
Have troed updating pi to latest build.


If you can upload the Kodi log (a quick check of [osmc.tv/help/wiki][1]) should help you there. There is a possibility that it is broken in this Helix build we are shipping at the moment. Kodi 15 (Isengard) is near release and this may help resolve this


[1]: https://osmc.tv/help/wiki

Update: It’s a bug in OSMC, we will resolve it shortly.


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Hi sam

Thanks for looking into it. Ill send it when i get back as iv just left for work. Strange enough just before i went to bed i had the sad face show up. Then it looks like it’s sharing the library so thinking ur right with the bug bit. I had tried turning the sharing on and off multiple times but it only started after the sad fsce restarted itself , Would the logs still need ok to gove when i get back ?


Hi mate

I have just uploaded the logs. Regards

You have to provide the URL that is returned when uploading the logs.

Thanks. Not sure where the url is. Once I finish uploadin logs it goes back to osmc screen.


This is what you should see.

Thats odd. I dont get that. In the bottom right it says uploading and retrieving url. But then it just finishes and hoes back to the page with uplosd logs / pinconfig/!remote settings n

Are you up to date ? Try performing a manual check for updates to make sure you are then try the log uploader again.

Hi there. All up to date. I update regularly. Very strange. It says uploading and retrieving url but then nothing. The strange bit also is the kodi dlna share someones shows up and other times its gone. I know sam said its a bug. Do u / him still need my logs to know what the bug is? He mentioned he knew?

I have resolved the issue


U my friend are a ledgend. :smile: i tend to update daily. Will it be on the update today? Or shud i wait for it to be published?
Thanks again for the awsome work.

Is this ur fix sam? Do i install the hotfox? Wont do i till i know its from u.