UPNP problems - browsing UPNP devices gives empty list

I have installed Hifiberry Digi+ version september (and tested also update of januari).
Looking for video on an external DLNA-server works only once, after activating UPNP-services in OSMC.
Browsing for video works fine after selecting DLNA-server in UPNP-list.

At next reboot, the list of UPNP devices is empty. The saved connection does not work.

I can only solve this by deactivating in OSMC the UPNP-services, followed by activating UPNP-services. Than, the saved connection is again live and list of UPNP-services no longer empty.

This is annoying. Do you have a solution?
Remark: I’m a newbee.

Could be that kodi dismisses the saved upnp service at startup if it cannot find it.

Try activating “wait for network” in the myosmc networksettings.

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Thank you!
this solved the problem.
kind regards