USB backfeeding

I am using active USB Hub with an external power source from Axagon. To Hub is connected external HDD and HUB is connected to Vero. VERO’s second port is used by dvbt2 adapter. After some reboots i found dvbt tuner is not working, cant access IT due to is still in use. So i tried to disconect vero power adapter and vero stayed on. Powered by USB from hub. Did some tests and found that hub has some strange behavior. I measured voltage on input USB connector and there was 5V. Ok tried unplug source of power from hub, shorted +5v with ground to be sure. Now connected Back power source to hub and measured no voltage on input USB. So Back connected to vero. ALL was ok till i connected power to vero. After that USB hub began power vero via usb again. I am Just curious If happened to someone else. Can backfeeding from USB damage Vero??


The Vero is designed to be powered via USB A for some low power situations and maintenance scenarios

Try and avoid back feeding if possible. That hub will cause problems for other devices.

If you’re the adventurous type (at your own risk of course). Personally I would have just cut the trace but to each their own.

Thanks. I cut +5V wire of USB cable and now everything works normal. I wrote email to manufacturer and looking forward for their answer.

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Out of interest, I use an unpowered USB Hub, as all I’ve got connected are 3 x hard drives that each have an external power supply…would the unpowered hub backfeed to the pi from the self powered usb drives?

Shouldn’t do.

cheers Sam.

Ok and what About hub from osmc store. Is there same problem with backfeeding??

No, there is no backfeed from the hub purchased from OSMC.