USB disk mounted in /media with UUID. How to rename?

Hello. New user here.

It isn’t in fstab, but still automounts. Can figure this out. Please help. :smile:

I mounted it in fstab, but then OSMC wouldn’t boot afterwards. Halted since it couldn’t mount it.

Running the latest version on a PI2.

The name is taken from the label of the partition. The UUID is only been taken if no label set.
As how to label depends on the FS you use I can not tell you exactly how to. Sugget you google "linux command line label harddisk "
Or connect you harddisk to your linux PC and use gparted to label the partition it.

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Thank you very much. Do you know how it’s mounted without being in the fstab?

OSMC is configured to automount any external device you attach (e.g. to allow you to play movies somebody brings to you on a USB stick.
You also can mount them permanently via fdisk if it is always connected. But not much advantages from that (and disadvantage is OSMC would not boot if harddisk not connected)
So best give it the label you want it to be mounted with.

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Thanks once again for your help. :slight_smile:

Renamed my ext4 usb with e2label . :slight_smile: